Membrane Delta-Dorken from Roof

Membrane Delta-Dorken from Roof


Universal backing layer DELTA-ROOF

Many of our customers, buyers of shingles, a logical question arises, what is the underlay under the shingles (soft roof), what it is and what it does.
Let's see, what is the "underlay" is a separation layer between the base for flooring bitumen cerepri - OSB-3 (waterproof plywood) or solid wood flooring and most shingles.

I want to draw Your attention to the fact that the use of underlay when laying shingles is obligatory in order to obtain the "Guarantee certificate". Each manufacturer of the shingles is the installation manual with detailed description of installation of a particular node in the roofing system and they are all United, that at small angles up to 22 degrees, using the substrate, is an integral part of the roofing "pie" and its use inthe language bow for all types of bituminous shingles and tiles.
There are many lining carpets, they differ in their composition, by country of the manufacturer and on the functional characteristics and parameters.

I want to draw Your attention to universal carpet underlay Roof Delta, which is the manufacturer of the German firm DORKEN - this product has been created specifically for use in hot countries and in countries with cold and changeable climate, and that is its versatility .Add Delta Roofis a product that does not contain bituminous materials, but also absolutely resistant bituminous materials. What does that mean, You ask, this means that the Delta Roof is compatible with any shingles, be it oxidized, SBS or APP modified tile that allows you to call Delta-Roof-universal backing of the carpet.
The Delta Roof is strong and resistant to rupture the diffusion membraneas underlay for roofs with shingles, is very light and does not contain bituminous materials, also provides high resistance to abrasion and prevent slipping on it.
-Strong reinforcing mesh makes the tape extremely durable, even under the influence of strong wind and a specially designed for American and canadian market, to best provide protection to ventilated pitched roofs with shingles.
-Absolutely resistant bituminous materials (adhesives, mastics, etc.).
-Easy and simple to install, and at the same time much stronger and more practical than the usual packadal carpets from rolled bituminous materials.
-Mounted on a solid floor.
-Possible to install in the cold season, remains stable at low temperatures up to -40 degrees, not swimming and not reaching high temperatures that allows installation in the hot season, unlike competitors.
Provides excellent protection for the pitched roof and its Foundation from rain and melted water, snow, wind and dust.
-Low water vapor permeability 0,415 g / m2 / 24h. helps prevent warping and swelling of the bitumen tiles when the evaporation of moisture caused by heating and warping of a solid layer.
-Can be used for the preservation of the roof in the winter time.
-The term UV stability of 6 months.
Temperature stability from -40градусов to 80 degrees.

To sum up.
The use of Delta Roof as solid and partial underlay on roofs with a top coating of bituminous cerepri - the warranty of the manufacturers of shingles will not be used because of the lack of Roof Delta of any kind in its composition of bitumen, which could lead to the mixing of the different chemical properties of bituminous materials and to lead to disastrous consequences .Possible to mount in any time of the year, as well as to preserve objects for up to 6 months. Increases the life of the entire roofing by maintaining the OSB plate, since the Roof has water vapor permeability and moisture management.
The choice is yours.