Slate façade - rectangular horizontal masonry

Slate façade - rectangular horizontal masonry


Facade of rectangular slate - horizontal masonry (in height and horizon)

The most striking aspect of the facade of natural stone is its noble and individual appearance. To cover the facade with natural slate, there are many options for laying, one of them is horizontal laying with an overlap of slate tiles in height and horizon.


In addition to the visual aspect, the façade made of natural slate provides a pleasant indoor climate, has a long service life (over 100 years), and it is also completely eco-friendly.

What are the advantages of a natural stone facade?

It is unlikely that any other material will be able to offer such a great creative freedom on the facade as a lining of natural slate. In particular, modern types of coatings that meet the requirements of modern architecture have been developed for cladding a slate facade. In addition to the optical aspects, this includes a reduction in material requirements and rational styling methods, one of which we will now consider.