Erlus E - 58 RS

Erlus E - 58 RS


New model ceramic tiles from ERLUS

          E-58 RS



New model ceramic tile E 58 RS® allows you to lay tiles on roofs with a slope of 16 degrees, without any additional waterproofing solid floor, thanks to the technical innovation system position of the upper and side locks, which form the safe flow of water on the roof.
The minimum angle of inclination of the entire range of clay tiles from ERLUS, as before is 10 degrees.


In June 2017 in the roofing market was a new model tiles Ergoldsbach E-58 RS®, which is the sixth model of the popular classic tile E-58.
Ergoldsbach E-58 is a classic model of ceramic tilesthat perfectly combines form and functionality for over 50 years and produced since 1958.
Its innovative complex technical design protects the roof, for example, from heavy rain, leaving the substructure of the roof dry. This is due to the pronounced height of the profile of the locking system tiles with triple side and top protection against the ingress of rainwater and melt water.
Thus, E-58 RS® is the first ceramic tile with classic looks in the roofing market, which is characterized by three degrees of protection against ingress of moisture. Tiles can be used at low roof slopes without additional measures and without waterproofing solid floor (roof slope 16 °, minimum roof pitch 10 ° - with additional waterproofing).

The combination of modern architecture with the advantages of a pitched roof.

Simplicity and reliability are reduced to clear design language - the cubic style, which is experiencing a return to modern architecture. Many investors, architects and potential buyers design home with sloping roof, which gives not only elegance around the house, but also greatly saves costs for the construction of the roof. We all know, the smaller the angle of the roof, the less its area, respectively, and all expenses (ceramic tiles, waterproofing materials, additional elements to tiles , etc.). Pitched roof with ceramic tiles has a long lifetime and hardly needs any servicing.

Reliable protection against natural disasters

Ceramic tiles from Erlus, model E-58 RS® combines the latest technology and historical form of shingles, which we often see on the houses and historic buildings. Thus, was created a universal ceramic tiles, which for small slopes of the roof will protect Your home from penetrating the roof space rain, dust and melt water, due to the unique triple locking system and will be a reliable protection from storm winds.
Since 2011, all models of ceramic tiles of Erlus have standard slots for the clips that hold the tiles under strong wind loads. This security is now also available for sloping roofs with the slope angle of 16 °.

A variety of colors and functions

In 1958 he was made the first model of ceramic tiles E-58 on the production line at ERLUS, the Ergoldsbach plant in Lower Bavaria. Since then, the company continues to develop a range of high quality ceramic tiles, streamlines and improves them through innovation.
From that moment classical series ceramic tiles - E 58 includes six models: E-58 E-58'S, F-58 MAX®, E-58 SL, E-58 PLUS® and E-58 RS®.
Model tiles Erlus E-58 RS® is available in the following colours: red, anthracite, copper-brown, Matt black, diamond black and Burgundy. All these colors are available from the summer of 2017.