The facade of the slate - rectilinear style


The facade of the slate - rectilinear style.

The slate facade in a rectilinear style is considered the cheapest and most elegant option for home improvement.


At one time, the horizontal method of laying shale set a new standard in slate facades. Due to the small number of slate tiles, which are necessary for the installation of one m2 of the facade, ease of installation and low material costs, this method has become the most popular not only in Europe but also with us.


When building facades in a rectilinear horizontal style, the investor gets straight and modern lines, the noble velvety shine of slate and the high lifespan of the facade from slate.
The main areas of application of horizontal shale cover are not only modern houses, but also large-scale facades in residential or commercial construction, and are also widely used in the reconstruction of buildings.


This type of facade covering is laid with rectangular slate plates with an overlap solely in height, and fixed with special hooks, brackets or screws.