Manufacture of stone wool Rockwool

Manufacture of stone wool Rockwool


The process of production of Rockwool basalt wool
Have you ever wondered how to make basalt cotton wool? This is a rather complicated and laborious process, but it is easy to compare it with the process of cotton candy production, which is familiar to us from childhood. As in the production of cotton candy, solid sugar is used, so in the production of basalt cotton wool, a mineral stone is used, which when heated forms fibers that easily form a fibrous carpet. With the history of occurrence and the process of production of basalt cotton wool, we will acquaint you below.

Hawaii eruption of Kilauea volcano.

The inhabitants of the surrounding villages with great interest watching the lava ejected into the air from a volcano. A great fear awakens in them the form in which the lava turns back to earth: streams of lava, covering a thick layer of slope of the volcano. Wohnen streams of lava, attracted the interest of researchers, who in the 1920-ies worked on volcanic processes in Hawaii. A scientific explanation of the emergence of the phenomenon of "wool belt", is a confirmation of the theory that the best content is created by nature.


Molten lava at a temperature of 1500 ° C with high power is emitted into the atmosphere, creating the fiery trails. Before they fall to the ground, they are rapidly cooled, partially converted into characteristic fibers. Fiber, which over time was called "rock wool", and became the main material is natural insulating products.

The production process of basalt wool Rockwool (Rockwool)

The main raw material in the production process of the stone mineral wool is basalt and gabbro. The production process of stone wool Rockwool starts with measuring the correct proportions of raw materials, and move them in a special cast-iron stove.

In production, the coke is used as fuel, during combustion it produces a high temperature of about 1400 - 1500 ° C. the Liquid rock mass resulting from the melting flows from the furnace and is drawn on the discs, rotating at a speed of several thousand revolutions per minute.


 Disks destroy cast iron, turning it into fibers, which are cooled by air and collected in the settling chamber in the form of a carpet made of wool. During formation of the fibers add messages and hydrophobic components. From the camera to defend wool carpet is sent to the production line.


The next stage is polymerization in which the wool is heated to a temperature of about 200 ° C to fully polymerisate added to the resin and to stabilize the material before its final processing. After cooling, wool carpet line at the end of the stone wool is cut to the dimensions specified in the production plan, and then the finished product is Packed and packetout.


Structural, dimensional and weight characteristics of the final products depend on the parameters and settings of the production line. You can further process the products beyond the basic technology sequence. An important part of the process of production of stone insulation ROCKWOOL, there is recirculation.
One hundred percent of production waste is recycled into briquettes and re-used as a periodic material - raw materials.