Roof ventilation from Dorken

Roof ventilation from Dorken


High-performance element roof ventilation from Dorken


 Innovative ventilation belt of the ridge Delta-Vent Roll Pro from the company Dorken (Germany) sets a new standard of safety protection and ventilation to the roof space in the center of the ridge and edges of roof slopes. The middle part of the Delta-Vent Roll Pro, consists of a very high quality and durable aluminum wire mesh. New product of the company Dorken resistant not only to extreme weather conditions and to corrosion.
Delta-Vent Roll Pro presented by Dörken GmbH & Co. KG, Herdecke, in 2017 BAU Munich. Defined and monitored ventilated pitched roofs in accordance with the technical requirements, is an important element for sustainable operation and compliance. In this case, effective ridge ventilation element, provides a safe and continuous flow of air under the roof.

The resistance of the metals used in the manufacture of the tape was checked in independent expert laboratories according to VDA 621.

New roofing element allows you to freely and smoothly flowing through the air flow according to European standard DIN 4108, part 3, Delta-Vent Roll Pro is much superior to the required performance. Aluminum side strips provide high tear resistance, extremely elastic and provide a secure connection to roofing, due to the integrated adhesive tapes.

Delta-Vent Roll Pro prevents the ingress of snow, rain, leaves and insects in the roof space. For the optimum adaptation to the color and shape of roofing Roll Vent Pro is available in brick red, black and brown colors and in three different widths:
- 240 mm for flat tiles,
- 310 mm for standard ceramic tiles,
- 380 mm for ceramic tiles with high wave.