Reconstruction of the roof

Reconstruction of the roof


Reconstruction of the roof on the old building: five useful tips

The building, being a long time in service or during construction which were not complied with technical standards, sooner or later need reconstruction of the roof. Since most roofing materials have exhausted their properties or the construction was poorly installed roofing materials and accessories that have a short lifespan, they must be replaced.

The reconstruction should not be regarded as expensive, which will drain Your wallet. With proper home remodeling using energy-efficient materials to achieve the desired results, and sometimes increase the value of the home through the use of the attic floor as residential.
During the reconstruction of the house You will be able to achieve such results:
- To increase the living space (use of the attic floor),
- Increase energy efficiency at home (total or partial replacement of insulation, increasing the thickness of an insulation layer),
- Increased environmental friendliness (through the use of innovative and sustainable materials),
- Improvement of the microclimate (the use of natural materials),
- Increase energy independence (with the use of solar panels or collectors for water),
- Increase the lifetime of your home.

1. Selecting the appropriate time for reconstruction

There are three methods of reconstruction of the roof:


 The first method is the reconstruction from the inside without changing the basic roofing material, allows you to replace waterproofing and steam insulating materials, installing insulation and increase its thickness, though at the expense of interior space on the floor.


 The second method is the reconstruction of the externally undamaged ready attic floor. This method allows you to replace waterproofing and steam insulating materials, installing insulation and increase its thickness without damage to the internal space, and mount new roof covering (ceramic tile, slate , etc.), or the return of the old roofing. The latter is only possible with small-format piece roofing materials.


 The third method is the full reconstruction of the attic floor with its dismantling, which will help in the construction of a new roof to radically change the shape of the roof and significantly change the appearance of the house. In this method, the necessary assistance to the architect and designer.
All roofing workassociated with a full or partial reconstruction of houses is best done in warm and dry weather.

2. Advice


 All roofing work should be done by specialists in this field. Professional roofers provide a full roof reconstruction, replacement of decorative roof elements, rainwater systems, wood and metal structures and substructures.
Based on my personal experience, the recommendations of the European manufacturers of roofing materials, as well as long experience of their colleagues from the European guilds of roofing, professional roofers will recommend You the most optimal option for reconstruction of roof and replacement materials for more energy-efficient.

3. Visits to the building that require renovation.


Before reconstruction of the roof, You need to arrange on-site inspection with the master. Only then the expert can get a full picture of the structure of the situation, identify any additional deficiencies and to calculate the costs associated with the repair of the roof of Your home. You can find the best way to illustrate to the expert all your wishes and ideas that You have regarding the future of reconstruction, and discuss its feasibility together with a roof specialist. If complete reconstruction is necessary also to consult the architect and planner for exact calculations stropilnyh designs.

4. Investment in effective insulation.


Under the effective insulation means:
- Vapor barrier - provides reliable protection of the insulation against the penetration of steam.
- Insulation - ensures heat retention and favorable microclimate in the building. Prevents penetration into the house cold in the winter and in the summer heat, which significantly increases the energy efficiency of the house and saves energy.
- Waterproofing - provides reliable protection for the entire roofing of the "pie" and the proper removal of moisture from the insulation, which is formed as a result of changes in temperature or excessive humidity.
Effective isolation may be achieved when you use high quality roofing materials and their proper installation.

5. What will the reconstruction of the building.


Don't think too long about financing the renovation of the roof on the old building. If You invest a little more money to effectively isolate and insulate the entire old building, these investments will be compensated and will cover all costs in 15-20 years, due to energy efficiency and reducing energy costs.
If You decide to replace the primary roof covering and additionally invest in high-quality ceramic tile or slate, and possibly in roofing copper - these measures will protect your home by at least 50 - 100 years and will increase the cost of the entire building and its attractiveness on the real estate market, if You want to sell it.